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Duty Driver FULL

開発者 SUD Inc.

In this game with fantastic car physics you will be able to:• Be a driver in bank robbery• Run away from police• Avoid road blocks and barricades• Find a way out of town• Jump on buildings and over river• Catch criminals• Collect and deliver boxes• Repair antenna towers• Drive over trash cans• Search for things• Drive passengers by bus• Perform precise parking• Drive bus on a test polygon• Fuel the vehicle on gas station • Deliver patients to hospital• Race with timeThis game is available in 2 versions:• Lite (free, total download size 49 MB, 10 levels)• Full (paid, no ads, total download size 49 MB, 30 levels)
You will experience following driving modes:• High speed drive• Police pursuit• Driving cars with front and back drive• Driving cars with 4 wheel drive, with and without ESP• Parking cars• Precise driving and parking of buses• Off-road driving• Driving through tunnels and over wooden bridges Advantages:• Beautiful open door scenarios• 30 eye-popping, visually attractive tracks• Small download size - no extra download needed• Simple but colorful and fast graphics rendering• Great sound• No extra permissions needed for installation
Game includes following missions:• Mafia driver - 9 levels• Pickup driver - 6 levels• Bus driver - 9 levels• Police driver - 3 levels• Ambulance driver - 3 levels
Features:• Unity 3D engine• NVIDIA® PhysX® physics engine• Support for both OpenGL 1.x and OpenGL 2.0• Available for Android 2.0.1 Eclair (API level 6) or higher• Possibility to configure difficulty level: easy, medium, hard• Possibility to configure way to control your vehicle: by touch, by slide and by tilt screen• Possibility to reduce visibility range, to increase frame rate on low-end devices• Possibility to change camera during game (in car, follow car, rotate cam)• Works even on low-end devices such as Huawei Media pad (but with reduced visibility range)• Supports all screen sizes from e.g. Samsung Galaxy Mini (480x320) to Samsung Galaxy S3 or Huawei Tablets
Notes:• This is a FULL version. It has 30 levels. You might want to download and install Duty Driver LITE first, which is free, to check availability for your device• On some devices visibility range, model details and textures might different, depending of device that you are using• In case of bad performance, reduce visibility range in OPTIONS/GRAPHICS to medium or low• Email us your experience with this game: ideas for new episodes of Duty Driver, what you don't like and what kind of missions did you like the best• If you will like this game, check occasionally Google Play for new versions of Duty Driver• Use options to configure controls and graphics to get best of this game and your device• Enjoy the game!